Web Analytics

So you have a website that looks great but are visitors converting into buyers? If not, do you know the points at which customers are deciding not to buy?

Understanding how visitors use your website is key to improving your conversion rates, so having a robust web analytics tool in place – and interpreting the findings in order to take action – makes good sense.

For instance, do you know how are they navigating through your website, what they are looking at and what decisions they are making? Is your customer’s journey through your website smooth and intuitive? Where’s your traffic coming from? It’s a whole mine of information to be managed and interpreted but, when you know all these things, you know where and how to focus your online marketing activity.

At Web Marketing London, our staff are Google Analytics Qualified. Our website analytics tools give you accurate and insightful information into the effectiveness of your website and online marketing campaigns: the fuel to power your business decision making. We install the tools, configure them to your needs and customise reports and profiles to make them simple to follow. We can also provide ongoing analysis or staff training to show you how to manage and enhance your website through web analytics.

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