Mobile web development

Smartphones put the mammoth resource of the internet in our pockets and launched the touchscreen app into the public consciousness. They are nothing short of a phenomenon. This new generation of web-optimised mobile phones also presents the chance to enhance customer loyalty and conversions.

Mobile and smartphone app development
Web Marketing London can develop apps that integrate with your existing business systems, or develop something bespoke. We’re experts at building innovative applications for iOS, Android, BlackBerryOS and Windows Phone, as well as feature phone platforms such as Symbian.

Web Marketing London works closely with you to understand your requirements, from learning about your eureka moment to identifying the core underpinning principles. Our designers then translate your idea into a workable prototype, ensuring always that your brand identity is retained. Once tested and approved, the prototype is handed to our experienced app development team to be turned into a fully functioning mobile app.

Mobile websites
Smartphones can handle most web pages and plug-ins, though many old websites are simply not optimised to be viewed on such tiny touchscreens. If your website was built in the age when the web was only for desktop PCs, you could be missing out on waves of customers and conversions.

Web Marketing London can help. Each and every mobile website we design is developed with a responsive layout that is optimised to display properly on smartphones. We can help you create something completely new or even adapt your existing website, so you never have to send customers to a new web address.

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